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Cryotec Fat Freezing NYC

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One Cryotec Fat Freeze Treatment
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One Cryotec Fat Freeze Treatment

Cryolipolysis procedure with reduction in fat around the waist and stomach


Cryotec is a revolutionary noninvasive cosmetic procedure that can target and eliminate the most stubborn pockets of fat on your body. It utilizes fat freezing technology to effectively remove up to 25% of adipose cells in a treated area per session. Traditional methods of weight loss – such as dieting and exercise – are a great way to stay trim and healthy, but they don’t actually remove fat cells. Instead, they shrink them; this often results in a slimmer figure, but you can still be dealing with remaining pudge in certain areas, most commonly the belly or stomach, underarms, thighs, love handles, or chin. You might find that these spots are difficult to target even with regular workouts and lifestyle changes. Crytotec can destroy a good portion of those fat cells, leaving you with a more defined, toned body.

If you’ve heard of CoolSculpting and its rave reviews, you may already be familiar with the concept of cryolipolysis. Cryotec uses the same technology as CoolSculpting to the same fantastic effect. In one or multiple sessions, you can get rid of a double chin, smooth down chubby flanks, and reduce thigh and underarm jiggle. Studies have shown the efficacy of these methods, displaying a reduction in fat of 20.4% to 25.5% 6 months after cryolipolysis treatment. It also boasts high patient satisfaction, with 73% of patients being happy with their treatment outcome after just one session.  


Getting in shape often involves a lot of lifestyle changes. Switching out a diet of greasy or sugary foods for one filled with light, nutritious meals is a great way to start. Hitting the gym regularly or conducting at-home workouts is another way that people try to slim down or tone their figure. However, despite these efforts, it can often still be a challenge to achieve your dream body. Sometimes, even vigorous exercise isn’t enough to get you to quite reach your goal. Certain stubborn pouches of fat might still remain and be difficult to get rid of on your own. People most commonly complain about these areas existing on the inner thighs, lower abdomen, upper arms, and beneath the chin.

Some people swear by “spot fat reduction” workout methods, trying to address these specific areas, but there is little evidence that this sort of specific fat targeting is actually effective. Fortunately, cryolipolysis has developed as a non-invasive cosmetic procedure option for those who are sick of resistant fat bulges. By reducing adipose tissues in regions of concern, Cryotec can trim down fat, giving you the silhouette you dream of with no extra effort on your part. Other methods of localized fat reduction are either a waste of time, or a high-risk, time-consuming endeavor, such as surgical liposuction. 

Cryotec, which is similar to CoolSculpting, can help conveniently chip away at bothersome fat without a high risk of side effects or scarring. While Cryotec is great for working away at small, persistent fat bulges, it is not meant as a general weight loss strategy. If you are struggling with being overweight or obese, treatments like cryolipolysis are no substitute for gradual, meaningful lifestyle changes. If you are within your goal weight range, Cryotec just as CoolSculpting can help bring out your best self by helping you take the extra mile, achieving the silhouette you have been striving for.

Before and after results of significant fat reduction in the lower abdomen of 35 year old male after 2 sessions of cryolipolysis.


Cryotec operates through a procedure known as cryolipolysis, or fat freezing which its counterpart CoolSculpting is based upon too. When controlled cooling temperatures are applied to an area of fat, adipose tissue is targeted, meaning fat cells are crystalized and killed off. Then the body’s digestive system takes care of the rest, disposing of dead cellular waste so you don’t have to worry about these fat cells gravitating to another part of the body. This occurs within the days and weeks following your treatment, in which the body’s inflammatory response sends macrophages and phagocytes to digest the dead adipocytes. Around 3 months post-Cryotec treatment, fat volume will be reduced in the targeted region.

Much like a CoolSculpting machine, Cryotec has different aluminum applicators with silicone cups that surround and suck the area of fat using negative pressure. For example, a smaller handle can be used on the submental region, while a larger one may be applied to a more vast area, such as the abdomen. In fact, multiple applicators can be used at once if you wish to target more than one region. The 360 degree cooling cup design allows for a more even distribution of cold temperatures than older models.

The Cryotec treatment itself is fairly easygoing. The first step is an initial consultation in which your provider will assess your concerns, goals, and medical history. Once that is established, the thickness of the fat in the targeted area will be measured and subsequently matched up with the correct applicator. To protect your skin, the treatment area will be covered with an antifreeze membrane. Finally, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and allow your provider to apply the cooling mechanism to the region of concern. There are no injections, incisions, or punctures – the cold applicators sit on top of the skin and, because adipose cells have a higher freezing temperature than other cells, no other tissues will be damaged during the process. 

The process of a single applicator takes around 45 minutes to be completed. During your session, you are free to bring a  book, headphones, your phone, or any other item to help you pass the time. 

A critical part of the whole process is breaking up crystallized fat cells immediately after the freezing cycle is over. Studies have demonstrated that omitting this step leads to suboptimal outcomes and that massaging frozen fat is indispensable for achieving significant fat reduction.

If you require multiple treatment sessions – which can be necessary for areas like the inner thighs – these should be distributed about 8 weeks apart to allow your body’s natural healing response to take place.


Cryotec and CoolSculpting can be compared to each other as very similar treatments. Both use cryolipolysis – nonsurgical adipose tissue elimination via cold temperature – as a method of breaking down excess fat cells. Both procedures are noninvasive, meaning there aren’t any injections or incisions; instead, they utilize handheld applicators that feature suction cups, which sit outside the body and lightly pinch fat as controlled cooling temperatures are applied. 

A major difference between Cryotec & CoolSculpting is that Cryotec has multiple applicators that can be used simultaneously on multiple areas, which is not possible with CoolSculpting. With the added benefit of having multiple treatment areas you can have your stomach, love handles, back fat treated simultaneously all in a single session. That also means you will see the results faster helping you regain your confidence faster!

Both CoolSculpting and Cryotec are safe, low-risk cosmetic treatments that people all over the world are praising for their effects on their aesthetic and confidence. The main difference between the two is the brand name. CoolSculpting is a product of ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc. It is the more widely known procedure of the two. Unlike CoolSculpting, Cryotec features 360 degree applicators.

chiseled and snatched jawline following double chin fat freezing treatment


A lot of other fat reduction methods, such as liposuction, come with a long list of possible complications and side effects. This can be enough to turn anybody off of the idea of cosmetic body alterations. Fortunately, noninvasive options like cryolipolysis offer a much more low-risk alternative. The most commonly experienced side effects by patients after undergoing cryolipolysis like Cryotec or CoolSculpting are minor bruising, erythema, and some temporary numbness. These effects should resolve on their own within two weeks of treatment.

A possible but infrequent side effect is late-onset pain that occurs more than 14 days after treatment, but this tends to go away on its own; similarly, some patients have experienced numbness that can present itself for longer than expected, but should also return to normal within a few weeks. There have been a few rare cases of a condition known as paradoxical adipocyte hyperplasia, in which fat cells increase rather than reduce. This can happen a few months after treatment, but is effectively treated with liposuction.

If you’re worried about freezer-burn or frostbite, you will be happy to know that cryolipolysis machines like Cryotec or CoolSculpting feature temperature sensors on their aluminum cups. These sensors set off an alarm when temperatures get too cold, allowing the machine to be shut off before any damage occurs. Receiving care while under the supervision of an experienced professional can ensure that everything goes smoothly.


Many patients are eager to get started with their Cryotec treatment, but have an obvious question: how expensive is it going to be? There is no single universal answer to this; Cryotec costs vary depending on location, provider, treatment area, and applicator used. You may also end up needing two or three sessions for your dream results, in which case you would be paying more overall than those receiving just a single treatment. 

In general, fat freezing procedures tend to cost around $400 to $1000 depending on the number of applicators used during a single session and the number of sessions. For a lot of people, this amount of money is worth avoiding the time and frustration that comes with trying helplessly to get rid of those stubborn fat pouches on your own. Some might also use cryolipolysis in combination with another minimally invasive fat reduction procedure, such as Kybella injections, which would add an extra price. 

Before and after results of significant fat reduction in the lower abdomen of 35 year old male after 2 sessions of cryolipolysis.


The thought of certain forms of fat reduction on the body can fill a lot of patients with anxiety. You might imagine extreme pain or discomfort and be put off by the idea. However, Cryotec, just like CoolSculpting, is a noninvasive procedure that does not include needles or incisions that fill a lot of people with nervousness. Although some discomfort is expected during a cryolipolysis treatment, most patients find it to be fairly tolerable. At the beginning of treatment, you will likely feel a strong chill in the affected area. Eventually, this area will become somewhat numb, yet you may feel a pulling or pinching sensation.

Some patients notice an ache or slight pain. The vigorous massage following treatment, which is administered to break up the targeted tissue, may also contribute to some discomfort. However, most find this temporary ache to be well worth the results. In terms of side effects, the risks for major adverse outcomes are very minimal. 


There isn’t much you need to worry about when it comes to pre-treatment prep. One thing to keep in mind is that, while Cryotec and CoolSculpting both can have transformative effects on your self-confidence, it is meant to get rid of smaller areas of fat and tone the body. Be sure to keep this in mind and keep your expectations in check; if you are on a weight loss journey, Cryotec is best saved for the end when you only have diet-resistant pouches of fat left.

If you have your appointment set up and ready to go, talk to your provider about any medications and supplements you take. They may ask you to discontinue their use for a week or two surrounding your session, simply to avoid bruising. Medicines like aspirin tend to heighten the risk of bruising after treatment.

The last thing to think about before your Cryotec appointment is how to spend the time during the treatment session itself. Treatment usually lasts around 45 minutes; during this interval, you may want to catch up on some reading, podcasts, or listen to your favorite music. To keep yourself occupied, consider bringing something to your session to make the time pass quicker.

Before and after results of double chin reduction of 32 year old female after 3 sessions of cryolipolysis.


You don’t need to take time off work or social activities after your Cryotec treatment. Because of its relatively quick and convenient nature, many people refer to such noninvasive treatments as “lunchtime procedures.” In terms of aftercare, the treated site should be vigorously massaged for a few minutes after your session for the best results. If you’re still feeling a chill or ache, a warm compress can help soothe any uncomfortable sensation in the days following your treatment. Similarly, wearing warm, comfortable clothes, drinking a lot of water, and avoiding alcohol for a few days can ensure that you feel your best.

It’s advisable to wait 24 hours before exposing yourself to any intense exercise or heat, or any other activity that might put strain on your body. However, you can quickly jump back into your regular exercise routine after that. One of the reasons Cryotec and CoolSculpting treatments are so popular is that they don’t interfere or disrupt the daily life of patients. If you’re planning on going to the beach or engaging in an activity where the skin on the treated area will be in full display, just keep in mind that you may have minimal bruising for a few days after your Cryotec session.


Cryotec’s effects on adipose tissue are considered permanent. Once fat cells are eliminated using Cryotec or CoolSculpting and digested by the body’s lymphatic system, they are gone for good. However, it should be noted that it is still possible to gain new weight in the treated areas after the procedure. This is why it’s advisable to take treatments like Cryotec as a helpful fat reduction method, not as a total substitute for an overall healthy lifestyle.


Cryotec is a state-of-the-art technological advancement that allows for the safe, efficient elimination of certain regions of fat tissue on the body. The non-invasive nature of the treatment allows for minimal discomfort, low risk of adverse effects and scarring, and little to no downtime. Cryolipolysis permanently reduces the appearance of fat by freezing and killing adipocytes, freeing you from insecure areas. Patients love Cryotec treatments because it is an easy way to reach your body goals.

In terms of downsides, Cryotec can be a bit expensive depending on what your budget is. It’s important to consider all aspects to know if this is a treatment you want at this moment in time. It also will not have dramatic weight loss effects and should be used in combination with proper exercise and nutrition.