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EmSlim Neo Treatment
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Electromagnetic Sculpting Body Contoruing Treatment
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Electromagnetic Sculpting Body Contoruing Treatments
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Electromagnetic Sculpting Body Contoruing Treatments

25 year old woman with increased abdominal definition and strength following muscle toning with EM Sculpt Neo

WHAT IS EmSlim Neo?

EmSlim Neo is a non-invasive cosmetic tool used for toning and enhancing the body. With EmSlim Neo, patients can achieve body contouring results without wasting hours at the gym trying to trim fat off of incredibly stubborn areas. While EmSlim Neo and other body contouring methods like it, such as EmSculpt, are great methods of going the extra mile when it comes to toning the body, it is not a substitute for weight loss through proper diet and exercise. Rather, it is a way to enhance the results you have achieved through your hard work by getting to those pesky, bothersome remaining areas of persistent subcutaneous fat.

Combining radiofrequency heating and muscle stimulation, EmSlim Neo burns fat, tightens skin, and achieves muscle tone. Studies suggest that, within two to three months after treatment, an increase of 15% to 16% in abdominal muscular thickness is possible through HIFEM+ energy. Patients in other studies have experienced an up to 25% muscle increase.


EmSlim Neo operates mainly via two mechanisms using a non-invasive applicator. The first mechanism is heat energy. Radiofrequency heating targets muscles in the area of concern, much in the same way you would warm up before lifting weights or doing another kind of strenuous workout. These temperatures get up to between 40 and 45 degrees Celsius. During this part of the process, subcutaneous fat tissue warms to a point where fat cells, or adipocytes, are damaged and ready to be digested by the body; this is known as apoptosis, or cell death. This period, which only takes a few minutes, also readies the muscles for the second part of the process.

This second part involves high intensity focused electromagnetic energy or HIFEM for short. HIFEM energy puts stress on muscles, forcing them to contract. Thousands of electromagnetic impulses are delivered to the muscle group you want to target. These bring about supramaximal muscle contractions. When applied to the abdomen, this is basically like doing twenty thousands of crunches in 30 minutes, only the EmSlim Neo machine does all the work and creates an effect that is impossible through natural exercise methods. As muscle fibers are pushed beyond their usual limits, muscle cells accelerate and grow at a greater rate, strengthening and slimming the respective area simultaneously.

But how exactly is this possible? Regular workouts can achieve some level of muscular contractions, but the EmSlim Neoing device allows for an unusual amount of stress to be put on muscles. HIFEM energy keeps the muscles from becoming lax during this process; instead, they must stay in their strained state for several seconds. This lengthening of the contraction period is due to the stimulation of nerve impulses, which force the contractile filaments of muscle cells (the fibrous proteins myosin and actin) to stick together; during a relaxation period, they would drift apart. In order to adapt to this amount of activity and limitation of motion, the muscle must alter its structure; this involves the growth and stimulation of muscle fibers. The muscle thickens and undergoes hypertrophy and hyperplasia. Again, this is similar to EmSculpt, which has the same effect. EmSlim Neo results in muscle areas with a higher volume and density than before. The muscle bulk continues to grow for the 6 months that follow treatment.


The two mechanisms of EmSlim Neo – RF and HIFEM energy – work together to burn fat and encourage muscle growth. This can help bulk up certain areas, such as the buttocks, or tone other areas, like the abdomen. A lot of people put in their hardest efforts at the gym, yet are still slow to see growth where they want it. This can be incredibly demotivating, especially if you have been working on your body image for months or even years. Sometimes muscle tone, mass, and definition are harder to achieve than initial weight loss. If you are into fitness or simply wanting to look like your best self, you may be looking around for other ways to make this happen.

A lot of people are also happy with their overall body contour, but have a few areas of concern that just don’t seem to respond to their lifestyle efforts. Certain people simply accumulate fat and muscle differently than others. For example, many women do tons of lunges and squats in order to achieve a round, shapely buttocks. However, the natural shape of your body and distribution of fat may leave you with a buttocks that are still flat or dips in certain places.

Others want to target their abs but haven’t seen enough improvement with the workouts they have been using. Often, we are left with a band or pocket of fat in certain areas despite all our efforts. Love handles or lower belly pouches are a complaint of people of all genders. Many women experience this post-childbirth, and are eager to get back to their “before” body. They also deal with something called postpartum diastasis recti, in which the abdominal muscles have moved apart to allow for space for the baby. Some people simply have a body type that is more resistant to losing fat in the belly region.

Before and after results of 28 year old female’s abdomen 2 weeks after 4 MSculpt sessions.


If you are trying to enhance your silhouette, this can be done to great benefit using EmSlim Neo. Whether you are looking to achieve a leaner, more firm appearance, more even curves, or more impressive muscle definition, EmSlim Neo is a technologically advanced way to make all these body goals come true. When it comes to sculpting abs, the contracting of the muscles as a result of EmSlim Neo can both tighten and tone the stomach area. This can shrink persistent fat bulges and tighten up the contours of the abdominal muscles.

When it comes to the buttocks, it can be difficult to get that plump, lifted look if you weren’t born with a certain body type. Some people have a V or M type buttocks, both of which can appear somewhat narrow from the back. Others feel that their butt looks flat or saggy, especially as they get older. To address these concerns, EmSlim Neo can essentially act like mini-butt lift, without the need for surgery. During a EmSlim Neo session, the abdomen and buttocks area are stimulated using supramaximal muscle contractions. Through completely noninvasive means, this boosts the bottom and adds a degree of tone you may have been missing before.


EmSlim Neo comes with multiple handles that can be applied to various regions of the body. The first is the flat handle. This handle is slightly rounded in shape and features a flat, even surface. It can be applied to the thighs, back, abdomen, and buttocks to sculpt and tone these areas. Flabby stomachs or flat bottoms can be defined and lifted with this handle. Thighs with jiggly inner pouches of fat, or backs with visible flanks or love handles can also benefit. In certain outfits, these areas are on full display; many people do not want to hide their body, but are bothered by the way these regions look, either because of pinchable fat or lack of definition. EmSlim Neo can help alleviate the anxiety around showing off your full physique.

The second EmSlim Neo handle is curved. This arched surface of the curved handle is designed to fit over the more steep curvature of certain areas of the body – mainly the arms and calves. Many people seek a higher amount of definition in these areas than they have been able to achieve through simply doing arm and leg workouts. Flabby arms – or “lunchlady arms,” as some might call them – are a big insecurity for a lot of people. It can make them avoid certain clothes, like tank tops or bathing suits, for fear of their upper arms being visible. Others dislike having their arms or calves look thin and untrained; they prefer to have a stronger, buffed appearance. EmSlim Neo can lend an extra boost to enhance the arms and calves, resulting in a more muscular, leaner look and getting rid of unwanted flabbiness.

Finally, the EmSlim Neo pelvic floor handle features a wholly different design than the other two. Rather than being placed on a part of the body, it is meant to be sat on – because of this, it resembles something like a plastic car seat or sitting cushion. It can be used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

Before commencing the EmSlim Neo treatment, your provider will be able to set the machine to specific settings based on your case. The intelligent operating system of the EmSlim Neo device features options to specify gender selection, treatment area, and working mode. The working mode options include: fat burning, shape up, muscle building, strength, and HIIT training. By making these selections, your provider can ensure the best results that match up with your personal needs and treatment goals.


Some patients have concerns that go beyond aesthetics. Many adults deal with urinary incontinence issues that have them running to the bathroom or leaves them in embarrassing situations. This can be hugely disruptive to everyday life, and can also be a difficult condition to treat. EmSlim Neo features an optional pelvic floor handle, which can help with the symptoms of incontinence. Incontinence can often be caused by weakness in the pelvic floor muscles.

When a patient sits on the EmSlim Neo pelvic floor, it sends electromagnetic energy to the muscles of the pelvic floor. Just as it would when applied to the abdomen or buttocks, this energy forces the muscles to contract and strengthen –– similar to the way they would during Kegel exercises. Proper application of this technique can result in stronger pelvic floor muscles that allow the patient to regain control over their bladder and improve their quality of life. It should be note that urinary frequency and urgency isn’t always caused by weak muscles –– overly tense muscles or a host of other factors may also contribute. Before trying the EmSlim Neo pelvic floor handle, it’s important to see a pelvic floor specialist or pelvic floor physical therapist who can accurate diagnose the cause of incontinence; they may recommend EmSlim NeBefore and after results of 38 year old female’s buttocks 2 weeks after 6 MSculpt sessions.o if is beneficial to you.



EmSlim Neo is similar to its counterpart EmSculpt in that it is a relatively low-risk option for adults who want to tone and sculpt their body in a non-invasive way. Patients who are within their goal weight range and are at a healthy BMI are most well-suited for this treatment. It is not intended to replace a healthy lifestyle, help you lose significant weight, or be used in the place of regular exercise. If you are overweight, this may not be the right procedure for you. That being said, most healthy adults are good candidates.

If you are currently pregnant, have any metal devices in your body (such as IUDs or metal hardware in the treatment site), as well as a previous hernia mesh repair, you may not be eligible for this treatment. If you have recently gotten certain types of surgery, this may also interfere with EmSlim Neoing. Be sure to talk to your doctor if you are planning to undergo this treatment to make sure it will be safe and beneficial to you.

The most common side effect with EmSlim Neoing is muscle soreness in the treated region. This resolves itself within two or three days.


The EmSlim Neo treatment process just like the EM-Sculpt is relatively quick. On average, it only takes about 30 minutes per session. This is a major upside for those living in New York City who have busy work schedules or thriving social lives they are itching to get back to. You don’t need to prepare before your treatment, but it’s advised that you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. You should also avoid wearing metal jewelry. Before your treatment, our provider will give you a consultation to discuss your medical history and what you want to gain through EmSlim Neoing.

Once your plan is established, you will be strapped in, either sitting or laying down, and your provider will adjust the machine settings to your specifications. The muscle contractions during treatment may feel slightly uncomfortable – like tiny electric shockwaves – but should be fairly tolerable. After your session is complete, you can go about your day as normal. You may feel a bit tender or sore in the treatment area, much in the way you would after working out a certain area.

In terms of how many treatments you need, this all depends on what you are going for and how significant the impact of EmSlim Neo will be in reaching your goals. Most people require a minimum of 4 sessions to see the results they crave. These sessions should be spaced out over one to three months, at least in most cases; this is something to discuss with your provider, who can also help track your progress. In the weeks and months following treatment, you will continue to see changes occurring; sometimes new muscle definition will be visible even by the end of the first week.


In terms of price range, EmSlim Neo can be compared to other similar technologies like EmSculpt. Both of these tend to go for around $250 to $1000 per session, at least in the New York City metropolitan area. In more rural areas, or clinics with less experienced providers, you may find lower prices. However, a qualified provider will better be able to assess your needs and consult you for treatment. For some, this price may fall a bit out of budget; however, many find that the self-esteem and aesthetic benefits of EmSlim Neo outweigh the cost. The amount of money you may save from less effective treatments, or more expensive treatments like liposuction or Brazilian butt lifts, can also be taken into account. I appreciate that you were there for me after the car accident and the other night, but it’s hard to feel like I’m actually important to you right now.

Another thing to consider is that you will likely need several sessions of EmSlim Neo to get the desired results. Most patients go for about 4 to 6 sessions, which must be administered every few days for a total time of about 2 weeks. These sessions can end up to a few thousand dollars.


EmSlim Neoing is a non-surgical, non-invasive method of body contouring that can be compared to EmSculpting. There is no recovery process necessary when it comes to EmSlim Neo. It is a noninvasive, low-risk treatment that does not necessitate much downtime or aftercare. This procedure is a quick and simple way to achieve a more toned and defined physique; it can also build muscle mass in areas like the arms or buttocks for your ideal silhouette. The procedure also burns up to 25% of subcutaneous body fat simultaneously while building up muscle bulk.

In terms of disadvantages, the main thing to note is that EmSlim Neo should not replace traditional methods of muscle building and weight loss, like proper nutrition and exercise.