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About BodiGenesys

At BodiGenesys our priority is to make you feel beautiful, empowered, and confident in your own skin. Whether you are looking to eliminate stubborn fat or add muscle tone to various regions of your body, or smooth and revive your skin with customized facials, our experts will optimize a unique treatment plan to meet your aesthetic needs.

Using minimally and non-invasive, state of the art tools to sculpt your body from head to toe and to maintain and rejuvenate your skin, we, at BodiGenesys are dedicated to treat your specific needs safely and effectively, leaving you with glowing results.


For our clients, we are committed to bringing together natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and therapeutic products with our highly skilled and caring technicians.

Muscle Toning with Muscle-Sculpt

HIFEM is a non-invasive, quick, and efficient way to skip some days at the gym while strengthening the muscles in targeted regions of your body in just 30 minute sessions. By delivering electromagnetic pulses to the targeted muscle groups, whether it be your abdominal region, arms, buttocks, thighs, or calves, Muscle-Sculpt is a go-to at BodiGenesys for busy NYC individuals looking to add definition and muscle tone to their physique. In addition, the system is provided with RF thermal energy to simultaneously kill off fat cells in the targeted region. No wonder this 2 in 1 tool is so popular amongst our many satisfied clients at BodiGenesys!


Microneedling is a minimally invasive method to smooth out and rejuvenate your skin via micro-injuries caused by tiny needle punctures to superficial dermal layers. These micro injuries trigger your body’s natural healing response in producing excess collagen and resulting in refined pores, firmer skin, and an overall smoother texture.

Fractional Radiofrequency Microneedling

A more advanced version of traditional microneedling involves the use of radiofrequency (RF) thermal energy delivered to the deepest layers of your skin. Due to its intensity, only 1 – 3 sessions are needed for optimal results depending on your individual needs. Radiofrequency Microneedling is ideal for those looking to reduce acne scarring, tighten beginning signs of skin laxity, and glow up your overall facial appearance.

Hydro Dermabrasion

Level up your hydrafacial with our newly advanced multi-functional system that provides results far beyond your traditional hydrafacial device. Alongside deep cleaning and pore cleansing, our Hydro-Dermabrasion system can be customized to meet your individual needs, whether you are looking to moisturize your skin, treat acne and repair uneven skin texture, or brighten dull complexion, consult with our experts to optimize your experience and achieve your desired outcome.


Amongst the many neurotoxins available on today’s market, Dysport is one of the highest in demand. Whether it be to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, or prevent them from forming in the first place, Dysport is an excellent injectable to relax tension in the facial muscles, reduce the appearance of frown lines (also known as 11’s), horizontal forehead lines, and crow’s feet that radiate around the eyes.


Xeomin is a neurotoxin that has become increasingly popular in recent years, that some of you may know as celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow’s go-to, as the new face of Merz’s Xeomin frown line treatment. The primary difference between Xeomin and Botox is that Xeomin does not contain any protein additives, which is particularly beneficial for those that may have developed a resistance to Botox itself.